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Proposed Bill Could Tip The Scale Of Justice

Proposed Changes To Florida Statute Chapter 61 May Bring Significant Changes To Our Current Family Law.

Currently, the Florida legislature is considering changes that would substantially change several sections of Florida Statute Chapter 61 pertaining to alimony and time-sharing.

“The current proposed legislation would eliminate permanent alimony and would establish a rebuttable presumption that equal time-sharing with each parent is in the child’s best interests.”

New Changes Proposed Pertaining To Parenting And Alimony

As a family law attorney for the last 15 years, perhaps the most litigated area of the law has been parenting issues with children. Often, parents desire an equal time-sharing situation with their children, and the amount of time and resources used to advocate for equal time-sharing often leads to excessive time and fees in that effort. Now, if this new bill becomes law, the parents will start with the presumption that equal time-sharing is in the child’s best interests. This has the possibility to change the landscape of litigation.

Also, the new proposal would end permanent alimony. In long term marriages the current law often times creates a presumption for alimony. Now, the legislature is looking to make significant changes to future alimony cases. Review the attached proposal and summaries on the new proposal. Maybe we will finally see productive change to Florida Statute Chapter 61.

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