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Client Testimonials

“Mr. Hatcher was very prompt in his responses, professional, and I could tell he was experienced and he knew what he was talking about. He’s not going to be intimidated by other attorneys and will fight for you in the Courtroom. I consulted with him regarding a family law matter and he answered all the questions I had.”– Hannah

“We needed to create a will. Mr Hatcher helped us the whole way. He created what we needed and offers other services as well”– Lauryn

“I have known Wes Hatcher for many years. Aside from his candor, his ability in the courtroom makes him a great advocate for his client’s rights. I would not hesitate to recommend him. He’s a great lawyer!”– Bill P

“I have had the privilege to watch Mr. Hatcher’s career grow for over a decade now. His commitment to the pursuit of justice has earned him the respect of his clients and his commitment to integrity in that pursuit has earned the respect of peers, judges and adversaries, both in and out of the courtroom. His hard work, experience and expertise consistently yield positive results for clients facing even the toughest of legal issues in civil and criminal law. I highly recommend him.”– M F.

“I chose Attorney Wes to represent me for my Divorce case. I must say he did a wonderful job. He paid attention to all my concerns. He is very caring for his clients and fought for my rights in the courtroom. He is very professional and I would always recommend Mr. Wes. Thank you once again Mr. Wes.”– Sumiyah B.

“Amazing Lawyer. Would definitely retain in the future. Mr. Hatcher was prompt with responses, professional with his work, and most of all personable with his attitude. From the beginning to the end, it felt like I had retained one of my friends. Moreover, as a client I didn’t have to speak one word in court, and the allegations against me were dismissed. He has my highest recommendations as an attorney.”– Adel K.

“Mr. Hatcher is a wonderful attorney. He is very personable, knowledgeable, and will respond promptly. Rest assured your case will be handled well!”– Hannah M.

“I have been using Wes Hatcher as an attorney for many years now. He provides excellent representation at a reasonable rate. I would highly recommend him.”– Prashant S.

“Attorney Wes Hatcher explained my court case clearly so I make a wise decision what legal action to take. Professional and courteous.”– Lynn G.

“I called Wes today to find some direction dealing with a paternity/child custody case. He was so helpful and very honest about which direction I should go. Although I am unable to afford his services, I would gladly recommend and hire him based on the merit I witnessed today.”– Sycosoulreaver

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